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About Us


Toi & Moi

The Love Story

Toi & Moi is the reflection of my Love History, everything has put together with love, every corner has a sign of love which has been hand crafted & especially made for here. I wanted to create a venue where every nationality can relate to it & while they are in Toi & Moi the only thing they can think of its love & share these amazing moment with us, there are places where you can leave notes & share your love history. Take your time to savor the moments.


Toi & Moi

Coffee is the best part of life

From the moment we first met, we knew coffee would be the best part of our life together, filling our days with warmth, aroma, and moments of pure bliss.

Where We Started
The year our cafe’s journey began, when we first laid eyes on our dream and embarked on this sweet adventure together.
Delivery Service
A new chapter in our love story unfolded as we expanded our reach with a delightful delivery service, bringing our love for coffee and treats to even more hearts.
Won Best Coffe Shop

The moment our hearts skipped a beat with joy as we were crowned the “Best Coffee Shop,” a testament to our unwavering love and dedication to crafting perfect cups of bliss.


Like a beautiful makeover for our beloved cafe, we poured our heart and soul into a grand refurbishment, adding a fresh sparkle to our love story and creating a dreamy space for our cherished guests.

The Poem of You and I
Joyous, blissful moment, sitting on the porch, you and I two forms, two faces, yet one soul together, you and I
Molana Tumi
You and I united as one in ecstasy and delight cast aside absurd story and nonsense, you and I
Molana Tumi
The groves' giftthe birds' songs give us the water of everlasting like, when we come to the farden together, you and I
Molana Tumi
The stars of the night sky sitness us we show them the moon together, you and I
Molana Tumi